WHAT: Exhibition of art glass  WHERE: Marle Place, Brenchley (http://www.marleplace.co.uk/) WHEN: 11am – 5pm, Friday 24th May – Sun 2nd June


At its simplest, Take Four is an exhibition of glass art by four Kent-based artists. Four different glass artists with four different styles.

But Take Four is also about beginnings and endings. Four artists starting from the same point in time and space taking four different journeys to the same place.

All four artists trained initially in glass under Chris McCormick at Tonbridge in 2003/2004. An inspiring teacher, Chris instilled a spirit of adventure and personal discovery in the artists.

The four have taken different journeys since 2003. Different influences, different lives and different challenges, have inspired the artists and brought forth many different responses, each expressed in the transparent beauty of glass. .

A decade on, they meet again to exhibit together for the first time in their careers. Four paths through the forest of life meeting once more. A chance to talk and a chance to listen. Four different accents in the language of light.

2 thoughts on “**** LAST DAY TODAY****

  1. A friend told me about the exhibition – but I have to say that you have the most infuriating website as it has taken me much time to find where the exhibition is, let alone the opening times. Surely you should put these on your home page – or at least give a link – to make it easier for those of us who might like to visit!

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